The East of England Regional Cancer Network Groups and Operational Delivery Groups bring together a regional collaboration of cancer clinicians. The groups include those involved in the planning and delivery of cancer services across the footprint of the Cancer Alliance at speciality level, to ensure collective clinical leadership and to provide evidence-based direction and transformational change in the delivery of cancer services. This will include but is not limited to the acceleration and roll-out of Rapid Diagnostic Pathways, at pace, ensuring consistency and equity in the delivery of cancer care across the East of England.

Roles and responsibilities of the Clinical Leads / Network Groups

  1. Supporting and leading the work within the current clinical priority and key underpinning principles specific to the tumour site.
  2. Responding to additional priorities identified by the Cancer Alliances or national team specific to the tumour site.
  3. Supporting the development of pathways of care across primary, secondary and tertiary services. 
  4. Leading the testing of concepts, adoption and spread of national good practice.
  5. Contributing expert clinical advice and guidance to the Cancer Alliance when required.
  6. Committing to the agreed time allocated to role, as identified by the Cancer Alliance
  7. Attending, leading and facilitating the following meetings as appropriate
  • chairing quarterly Speciality Network Meetings
  • participation and representation at the Clinical Advisory Group
  • participation and representation at the Cancer Alliance Board meetings if requested.

8. Supporting the identification of local population needs and gaps in service in respect of the specific site or tumour/cross cutting service and participate in the development of plans to respond to these needs.

9. Identifying workforce recommendations in response to service developments, recruitment difficulties and emergent technologies.

Details about the Cancer Network Groups are provided below.

(Including who is chairing the groups, guidance and relevant documents).