Read about the experiences of our patients

  • Having a good life

    Cancer and surgery has changed Fiona's life, but she still has a really good life.

  • High flyer adapts to cancer diagnosis

    Former RAF Air Commodore, Glenn Edge, tells his story about living with lung cancer.

  • Dealing with a gender related cancer diagnosis

    The personal story from someone living with testicular and prostate cancer

  • Think Pink - embracing femininity

    Balwinder was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 breast cancer, she felt it impacted on her identity and sense of self. Find out about how she rediscovered her femininity.

  • Advocating cervical screening

    Meet Laura Woods, a member of our Patient Advisory Board and a manager at the Big C Cancer Charity in Norfolk and Waveney. Laura backs the smear for smear campaign.

  • Cancer and chemo during Covid-19: one man’s story

    Anyone diagnosed with cancer at the start of a global pandemic might well consider themselves unlucky – but not David. The active 77-year-old has nothing but praise for the teams…

  • Living with Leukaemia

    Julie, a nurse consultant at the Royal Papworth discusses living with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

  • Living with prostate cancer

    Trevor discusses his diagnosis and experiences of living with prostate cancer