Type 3c and healthy eating - This booklet has been produced for people who have a particular type of diabetes that is caused by having all or part of the pancreas removed (surgically) or the pancreas being damaged, (for example by pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer). This is called Type 3c Diabetes. This booklet is suitable for people who are aiming to maintain or reduce their weight, are not recovering from surgery and have a good appetite.

Type 3c and reduced appetite - This booklet is for people with a reduced appetite or who have lost weight, who are aiming to put weight back on, and/or recover from surgery.

Information for patients who are unable to swallow their pancreatic enzyme capsules whole. (Patient information leaflet by CUH).​​​​​​ This leaflet is intended to supplement the leaflet entitled ‘Information for people taking pancreatic enzymes for pancreatic insufficiency’ and should be read in conjunction with it. You have been prescribed one of the following pancreatic enzyme replacement medications; Creon, Nutrizym, Pancrex or Pancrease.

Anglia information for people taking PERT Information for people taking pancreatic enzymes for pancreatic insufficiency. You have been prescribed pancreatic enzymes. This information sheet explains why you need them and how to take them.

Anglia PERT guidelines Management of pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) for adult patients. 

Patient ACU discharge summary An example discharge summary for reference. 

Ambulatory care pathway - obstructive jaundice pathway