The East of England Cancer Alliance’s Patient Partnership Group would like to invite you to attend this online event.

The patient group have all experienced cancer themselves, or cared for someone with cancer, and are putting on a series of talks and information sessions designed to raise awareness and give people an opportunity to ask any questions of our expert speakers or experienced patients. We hope that you can join us.

This is the fourth in a series of events which will be held every few months. You can watch the recordings of previous sessions by clicking on the links below.

Living with and beyond cancer

Tuesday 16 April 2024 6-30 – 7.30pm.

Please join us for this free online event (via Microsoft Teams) for anyone who wants to hear more about living with and beyond cancer.  We will hear from Ceinwen Giles, CEO of Shine Charity who offer support to younger people living with cancer. We talk a lot about cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment, but how do people cope and life their lives beyond the treatment? Ceinwen will share the story of her own experiences of what life is like beyond cancer diagnosis and treatment. We will also hear from a member of the public about their experiences.  

Please email to register a place and to be send the link to join the event

If you would like to watch the recordings of our previous Let’s Talk About Cancer sessions click on the links here. 

Here are the presentation slides that Pam gave at the 'Let’s talk about cancer - screening programmes and why they are important' talk on 30th January 2024. Pam has updated the presentation slides with answers to the questions that were raised at the event, and the ones in the chat that we didn’t have time to get answered at the event.