Targeted Lung Health Checks are aimed at achieving earlier detection of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, in areas where the population has a higher mortality from this type of cancer.

Typically lung cancer is identified at a later stage, with the majority of cases identified at stage 4. Around 85% of lung cancer cases are among people who smoke or who have a history of smoking. Targeted health checks are offered to people with a history of smoking, and who are in the higher risk age groups of 55 to 74. 

The check-up comprises a discussion about lung cancer symptoms and smoking cessation advice from the specialist nurse. Following the health check a low dose CT scan is offered to those at higher risk.

In total fourteen Cancer Alliance areas across the UK have now introduced a Targeted Lung Health Check programme (correct as of February 2021). In the East of England, health checks have been introduced in Luton and Thurrock.