The Primary Care Group (PCG) ensures that the views and experiences of primary care professionals inform on all aspects of the Cancer Alliance work programme. 

It provides primary care clinical leadership, advice, scrutiny and challenge to the Cancer Alliance Boards via the Clinical Advisory Board. 

The Primary Care Group champions the needs of patients and carers in the development and delivery of the cancer transformation programme. Acting as a link between primary care in the East of England and driving transformational change in all relevant steps in the cancer pathway. The PCG ensure there is representation of a wide variety of views and experiences. Driving and championing the clinical work of the East of England Cancer Alliance within the wider community. Improving safety, patient experience and cancer outcomes.

PCG members support the work of the Cancer Alliance Board, Patient Advisory Board, STP locality groups, other clinical working groups, specialist groups and task-and-finish groups via communication and representation.

The PCG chair is Dr Peter Holloway, 
Cancer Research UK GP, PCN/CCG/ICS Cancer Lead

In this video Dr Holloway discusses the work of the Primary Care Group.


Membership of the Primary Care Group is open to all East of England GPs and primary care staff with an interest in cancer, but is mainly directed at CCG cancer leads and Macmillan GPs. 

Membership also includes patient representatives, cancer alliance support staff, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan. (See terms of reference)

If you are interested in taking part please contact us