RDC/RDS is now widely referred to as Non Specific Symptoms (NSS). The Long Term Plan committed to the roll-out of new Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) also referred to as Rapid Diagnostic Services (RDSs) or Rapid Diagnostic Pathways (RDPs) to bring together cutting edge innovations with newly designed pathways. RDC / RDS were designed to support our ambitions to achieve earlier faster diagnosis and improved patient experience for all patients whether, or not they have cancer. 

Non-Specific Symptoms pathways are intended to cover the cohort of patients who do not fit clearly into a single ‘urgent cancer’ referral pathway, as defined by NG12, but who are, nonetheless, at risk of being diagnosed with cancer. Symptoms considered ‘non-specific’ include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain or nausea; and/or a GP ‘gut feeling’ about cancer. The aim of NSS pathways to achieve 100% population coverage by March 2024


The seven faster diagnosis principles 

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Faster Diagnosis (FD) Framework, inclusive of NSS and Best practice timed pathways (BPTPs) supersedes the Rapid Diagnostic Centres / Services (RDC/RDS) visions and implementation. These are now managed as a single programme of work.

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