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Our East of England Cancer Alliances bring together clinical and other senior leaders in the health sector, as well as patients and members of the local community, to improve cancer pathways and outcomes for patients in our region.

The East of England Cancer Alliances cover a large geographical area, with a combined population of seven million. This includes six integrated care systems/sustainable trust partnerships, sixteen CCGs, and fourteen acute hospital trusts.

The North and South Cancer Alliances were created in 2020, from what was the East of England regional Cancer Alliance, to provide a more localised and focused approach to cancer care. Our aims are to reduce variation in care across the region and improve access to high quality, evidence-based interventions across the whole cancer care pathway. 

Alliances bring together senior leaders in the health sector, as well as patients and members of the local community. Working in partnership we aim to bring about improvements in outcomes and patient experience. 

Patient experience and patient voice is at the core of our work - the patient's perspective informs what we do and how we go about transforming cancer services in the East of England.

Together we plan and lead local delivery in cancer care, to ensure:

  • Fewer people get preventable cancers,
  • More people survive longer after a diagnosis,
  • Patients have a positive experience of care,
  • People experience a better quality of life.

North and South Cancer Alliances

Our region comprises the East of England North and East of England South Cancer Alliances.

Find out more about the work we do, details about the areas we cover, our partners and members of our team - on our North and South pages.

Find out more about some of our partners...

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