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You may find some of our archive content of interest or useful for reference. Content includes previous Q&A from people living with cancer during COVID.

A few words from the co-chair of the Patient Partnership Group

Marion Foreman

"A quick update as the whole country tries to pull together to deal with the most recent wave of the global pandemic.

"There are rules (whatever you may think of them – there are some) and we should all do our best to adhere to them. Why? Three reasons as I see it;

  1. To keep yourself safe – in fact you may have had another letter explaining your vulnerability
  2.  To keep others safe – whether you think you mind getting COVID or not is not the issue – the issue is – might I give it to someone else?
  3. To minimise the strain on the NHS - the quicker this wave of the pandemic is dealt with, the quicker the NHS can redirect its focus towards helping people with other conditions. 

"The Cancer Alliance is doing everything possible to support the hospitals in our region to cope as best as they can. 

"Not sure if you should get a COVID vaccine? Read our COVID vaccine update and it may help with your decision making.

"Wondering what you can do to help – please try to keep fit – check out this article and do what you can.

"And if you have some energy and time, please consider joining us – we need your voice and we need it now"

Best wishes

Take care and be safe