Cancer has remained a priority throughout the pandemic and the NHS will continue to maintain high levels of cancer services as they deal with the changes in the situation.

This will ensure that we have;

o Rapid access to tests for suspected cancer

o Prioritised access to cancer surgery

o Safe delivery of treatments

o Access to the private sector when necessary

o Good communication with our treatment teams

o Assurance that we won’t be forgotten

Please continue to contact your GP if you have any symptoms that make you concerned that you might have cancer

o GPs are busy – but they will want to see you if you think you might have cancer

o Cancer services are running – you will get the tests and treatments that you need

 - If you are concerned about cancer please contact your GP

- If you are having treatment already and you are worried please contact your treatment team

- The NHS is there for you – the sooner cancer is diagnosed the better your chances – please get in touch with your GP if you are worried