The South Alliance covers the areas of Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire and West Essex, Mid and South Essex, which all have their respective Integrated Care Systems (see map below). 

The region is diverse in terms of its urban and rural areas, with populations of varying socio-economic backgrounds and demographics. The alliance remit includes the towns of Milton Keynes and Luton, across to the East Anglian coastal towns such as Southend.  

Dedicated cancer care hospitals and facilities are available and new services have been developed to meet the population needs, such as the Milton Keynes University Hospital cancer centre which opened at the start of 2020. A new radiotherapy service is also planned for Milton Keynes and initiatives are in place across the region to help people living with cancer in the community.   

The Alliance works closely via our programme managers, with patients, clinicians and leaders in health and care, to implement transformation and improvement projects in-line with delivery plans and objectives. We provide funding to support the earlier and faster diagnosis of cancer as well as supporting initiatives to ensure every person receives personalised care and support throughout their journey. 

We embrace innovative solutions to support this work and are currently funding pilots in cytospongecolon capsule , teledermatology and virtual cancer care reviews.

Our Cancer Alliance also drives forward projects to address inequalities in health and care and puts patients at the heart of everything we do, incorporating their ideas and experience into revising and improving our care pathways (see patient involvement)

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you if you are interested in cancer care in the East of England.   

Have a look at the map below to see the areas and systems we cover.