We are pleased to announce the start of a joint new East of England Cancer Alliance and Behavioural Insights Team research study to help us understand how we can improve cancer detection and cancer outcomes in our region. 

This research has been approved by the NHS Health Research Authority (HRA; project ID: 332954). 

Volunteers needed - who can take part?

We are looking for volunteers from 1st March 2024 - 3rd May 2024, who are willing to take part in a survey or interview related to their cancer diagnosis received in the East of England. You must be at least 18 years old and have been diagnosed with cancer after attending A&E in an East of England hospital between January 2021 and now.

Hospitals in the East of England are listed at this link

The research team will ask you to complete some screening questions prior to any interview or survey, to ensure that participants who take part meet the criteria set out by the Health Research Authority.

We would like to understand what could improve the way cancer is diagnosed within the East of England, particularly for those who have been diagnosed after attending A&E. This research will benefit future cancer patients in the East of England as the NHS aims to provide a better service to support earlier diagnosis.

● A 45-minute online or phone interview; or
● An online survey

We will ask you some questions about your current situation and your cancer diagnosis journey, and ask you to reflect on whether there may have been opportunities for an earlier diagnosis. We understand that reflecting on some of these questions may be difficult for you, so if there are any questions that you don’t want to answer, you don’t need to answer them.

When can I take part?

We ask you to sign up as soon as possible. The study is open until Friday 3rd May 2024.

Who will be conducting the interview?

Any interviews will be conducted by an interviewer at the Behavioural Insights Team, a research organisation who have been asked by the East of England Cancer Alliance to conduct this research. 

If you are interested in taking part, please go to tinyurl.com/EOE-Research 
or scan the QR code below and register your interest by 3rd May 2024.

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What will you do with my details?
  • Your contact details will only be used to contact you about this research. They will not be used for any other purpose. 

  • The information you provide during this research will be stored securely and will only be accessible by the immediate research team at the Behavioural Insights Team for the purposes of this research.

  • Your data will securely deleted once it is no longer needed. 

  • The findings from any interviews and/or survey will be summarised and shared with the East of England Cancer Alliance as a report. The report will not contain any personal information about anyone participating in this research, and any quotes we include will be anonymised so that you cannot be identified from them.  

  • If you want to find out about your rights, or who to contact if you have questions or complaints about the way your data is being used, please see NHS England's Privacy Notice webpages and the NHSE Privacy Notice in a PDF or an accessible format.

The poster below can be downloaded (by clicking on it) and used to promote the survey

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