A short blog about the benefits of mindful breathing

“At 3am, I always seemed to wake up and my mind would work overtime, and all my thoughts were negative! I had relaxation sessions and after discussing the '3am negative overthinking' with my therapist, she suggested a technique to try and stop my mind from going down the negative spiral during the early hours ….

She said breathe in one nostril for the count of 2, and out the other for the count of 2, then in one and out the other, until your breathing becomes more regular. As I concentrated on my breathing I would count on my fingers how many times I managed to do it, and amazingly (and yes I was surprised!) I did fall back to sleep.

I think because it is actually quite hard to breathe in one nostril and out the other, it is a complete distraction technique, because as you are trying to concentrate on your breathing your mind stops wandering, and you peacefully drift off to sleep….. “