When ‘lockdown’ was first announced, I didn’t have to shield so I decided it was important to keep fit, not least because I have experienced cancer and don’t want a repeat.

Walking every day worked for me and being out in the fresh air, especially during lockdown one, when the weather was great, really helped. I remain free of Covid and of cancer.

If you don’t want to walk alone, why not find a local walking group?

Now that restrictions have been lifted, what’s stopping you?


Exercise and cancer - by Marion Foreman, from the Patient Partnership Group

Did you know that exercise can help your recovery from cancer and helps to cut the chance of a recurrence? 

Prof Thomas is an oncologist based at Bedford hospital and at Addenbrookes and writes and lectures extensively on this.  I thoroughly recommend his book ‘Keep Healthy after Cancer 2020: Lifestyle facts to help you live stronger for longerin which he covers many lifestyle changes that we can make that will help us to be healthier.

One of these elements is exercise.  Now I can hear you saying that some days you can barely get out of bed – but its really important to do what you can – to move your body.  Learning to listen to our bodies is really important – try to do something everyday – even on the dark days.  Go for a short walk – get that fresh air. 

The Cancer Alliance is helping all our hospitals to offer pre-habilitation – that means starting all these helpful things before treatment and surgery.  If it’s offered to you – grab with both hands.  You will be able to get help with your food, alcohol, smoking, the stuff that’s going on in your head and getting moving.  The programme will continue after your treatment to help you to keep going with the new habits.

In the meantime, please shift your body, read the book and get outside.  It really will help your body and your head.