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  Cancer Research UK (database of trials)  
  Bereavement Care Guideline (AngCN-CCG-PS8_v2.pdf) (109.2kb)
  Preferred Priorities of Care Document (EoL_PPC.pdf) (26.7kb)
  Cancer Help (Understanding clinical trials)  
  Preferred Priorities of Care Easy Read (EoL_PPC_ER.pdf) (724.1kb)
  Preferred Priorities of Care Support Sheet (EoL_PPC_SS.pdf) (72.6kb)
  National Cancer Research Network  
  This is me (EoL_TIM.pdf) (68.1kb)
  National Cancer Research Network (database of trials)  
  Radiotherapy Breach Reasons (AngCN-CCG-RT5_v1.pdf) (21.8kb)
  National Cancer Research Network (portfolio maps by tumour site)  
  National Institute for Health Research  
  National Cancer Institute (US)  
  Network Board Agenda and Papers 01 Feb 12 (NM-B-A010212.pdf) (4.8mb)
  The Management of Febrile Neutropenia in Paediatric Oncology Patients (AUD4.pdf) (147.6kb)
  Skull Base SSG Minutes (SSG-BCS-M_230212.pdf) (35.1kb)
  GP Education leaflet (AngCN-EoL1_v1.pdf) (170.1kb)
  Foundations in End of Life Care - Free Training Sessions (AngCN-EoL_v4.pdf) (41.5kb)
  Skull Base SSG Minutes (SSG-BCS-M_210612.pdf) (40.2kb)
  Launch Notes GP service (AngCN-EoL2_v1.pdf) (15kb)
Gynaecology SSG Agenda and Papers 27 April 2012 (SSG-G-A-270412) - This resource is currently unavailable.
  Quality and Compliance Escalation Policy (AngCN-P8_v1.pdf) (87.7kb)
  Haemato-Pathology Comms Plan (CCG-HP-comms_v1.pdf) (88.5kb)
  Colorectal SSG Minutes 5 Sep 2011 (AngCN-C-M-050911.pdf) (46.3kb)
  MSCC Project Implementation Group ToR (AngCN-PO4_v2.pdf) (71.8kb)
  Colorectal SSG Minutes 10 May 2011 (AngCN-C-M-100511.pdf) (38.1kb)
  Patient Partnership group Constitution (AngCN-PPG1_v2.pdf) (157.2kb)
  Education Day Presentation (SSG_HN_Ampres_290212.pdf) (101.5kb)
  Baseline mapping and needs assessment tool (AngCN-PPG11_v1r.pdf) (216.6kb)
  PPG Service Specification (AngCN-PPG12_v1.pdf) (132.7kb)
  Colorectal: Laparoscopic Guidelines Appendix (AngCN-SSG-C11_Appv2.pdf) (340.1kb)
  Thyroid Cancer Pathway (AngCN-SSG-HN10_v1.pdf) (25.1kb)
  A Guide to Patient and Carer Involvement with the Anglia Cancer Network (AngCN-PPG4_v2.pdf) (258.3kb)
  Head and Neck Cancer and Rehabilitation Presentation (HN_R.ppt) (342kb)
  Head and Neck SSG Agenda 13 Mar 2012 (SSG-HN-A-130312.pdf) (19.8kb)
  Patient Partnership group ToR (AngCN-PPG5_v2.pdf) (80.4kb)
  Patient Partnership group Work Programme Report 2012/13 (AngCN-PPG7_v2012.pdf) (86.3kb)
  Guidelines for User Involvement (AngCN-PPG9_v2.pdf) (142.9kb)
  Item 6 Lung Research Reports (Item_6_20111129.pdf) (1.8mb)
  Item 8 Gynae Research Programme for Improvement (Item_8_20110601.pdf) (144.4kb)
  Head and Neck SSG Minutes 13 Dec 2011 (SSG-HN-M-131211.pdf) (39.8kb)
  Network Audit Strategy (AngCN-S10_v1.pdf) (102.7kb)
  Cancer Lead Nurses Minutes 09.05.11 (NM-LN-M-090511.doc) (104.5kb)
  Network Risk and Issues Strategy (AngCN-S11_v1.pdf) (82.5kb)
  AngCN Rehabilitation Strategy (AngCN-S12_v2.pdf) (144.1kb)
  Leukaemia SSG Subgroup Minutes 29 February 2012 (SSG-Leuk-M-290212.pdf) (47.9kb)
  Cancer Care Book Collection List (Lib_CBL-V2.pdf) (336.4kb)
  What the AngCN Strategy will mean for Patients (AngCN-S8_v1.pdf) (85.5kb)
  IP Newsletter 20 (IPN20-Feb12.pdf) (403.2kb)
  IP Newsletter 21 (IPN21-Mar12.pdf) (536.1kb)
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