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  Paediatric Minutes 100611 (CCN-SSG-Paed_M_100611.pdf) (51kb)
  Breaking Bad News Guideline (AngCN-CCG-PS2_v2.pdf) (91kb)
  Colorectal cancer and rehabilitation (Colo_R.ppt) (196.5kb)
  COSD Newsletter 090911 (COSD_N0811.pdf) (36.7kb)
  AngCN Strategy (AngCN-S1_v2.pdf) (50.6kb)
  Post-registration education for health and social care professionals (CPDP.pdf) (788.3kb)
  13 December 2011 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-131211.pdf) (34.8kb)
  13 December 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-131211.pdf) (67.9kb)
  Consultant Upgrade Policy (CWT2.pdf) (51.7kb)
  14 August 2012 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-140812.pdf) (25.5kb)
  GFoCW Letter from Mike Richards Dec 2008 (CWT5.pdf) (226.2kb)
  16 August 2011 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-160811.pdf) (30.9kb)
  Key Worker Policy (AngCN-CCG-PS3_v1r.pdf) (89.6kb)
  DH Cancer Waiting Times Operational Standards Letter July 2009 (CWT6.pdf) (43.6kb)
  16 August 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-160811.pdf) (66.4kb)
  24 January 2012 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-240112.pdf) (35kb)
  24 January 2012 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-240112.pdf) (39.5kb)
  Directory of Rehabilitation Services (AngCN-CCG-PS37_v3.pdf) (135.2kb)
  24 May 2011 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-240511.pdf) (31kb)
  Holistic Guidance (AngCN-CCG-PS4_v2.pdf) (96.9kb)
  24 May 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-240511.pdf) (44kb)
  Psychological Support Group Constitution (AngCN-CCG-PS40_v3.pdf) (83.5kb)
  Psychological Support CCG Annual Report (AngCN-CCG-PS41_v2011.pdf) (96.3kb)
  Colorectal Length of Stay data Elective and Unplanned LoS for H07 and H33 procedures (LoS_H07_H33v3.xls) (440.5kb)
  Psychological Support CCG Work Programme (AngCN-CCG-PS42_v2012.pdf) (85.5kb)
  EH Audit (EMAudit2010.pdf) (1.8mb)
  27 September 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-270911.pdf) (65.8kb)
  Psychological Support Service Development Strategy (AngCN-CCG-PS43_v1.pdf) (131.4kb)
  Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (EoL_ADRT.pdf) (61.4kb)
  3 July 2012 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-030712.pdf) (37kb)
  Psychological Services Education and Training Strategy (AngCN-CCG-PS45_v1.pdf) (100.1kb)
  Breathlessness Relaxation Fact Sheet (EoL_BRFS.pdf) (61.2kb)
  3 July 2012 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-030712.pdf) (35.7kb)
  Referral Guidance for Cancer Psychological Support Services (AngCN-CCG-PS46_v2r.pdf) (98.4kb)
  Coping with Dying LCP leaflet (EoL_CDLCP.pdf) (307.4kb)
  5 July 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-050711.pdf) (80.9kb)
  Psychological Support Mentors (AngCN-CCG-PS47_v1.pdf) (63.5kb)
  DNACPR leaflet (EoL_DNACPR.pdf) (46.3kb)
  8 November 2011 Meeting Agenda (MN-PD-A-081111.pdf) (41kb)
  Finding the Words workbook (EoL_FWW.pdf) (317kb)
  8 November 2011 Meeting Minutes (MN-PD-M-081111.pdf) (42.9kb)
  Complementary Therapy Policy (AngCN-CCG-PS5_v2.pdf) (130kb)
  Healthcare Professionals LCP Guidance (EoL_HPLCP.pdf) (506.2kb)
  Induction Programme For Psychologists And Psychotherapists Starting Work In Oncology And Palliative Care Settings (AngCN-CCG-PS50_v1.pdf) (113.8kb)
  Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare Guidance (EoL_LPAHW.pdf) (665.1kb)
  Cancer Research Strategy for Anglia Executive Summary (R-Stratexecsum_v1.pdf) (32.1kb)
  Nausea and Vomiting in Palliative Care (EoL_NVPC.pdf) (75.2kb)
  Cancer Research UK  
  Spiritual Care Guideline (AngCN-CCG-PS7_v2.pdf) (109.5kb)
  Planning Your Future Booklet (EoL_PFCB.pdf) (251.2kb)
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