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  Spinal Cord Compression In Haematology Patients (AngCN-APIN13_v1.pdf) (14.9kb)
  Lung 29.11.11 Agenda (SSG-L-A-291111.pdf) (36.4kb)
  Key Worker and new PR measures compliance (AUD8.pdf) (94.4kb)
  SSG-PAN-Minutes 15.06.2011 (SSG-Pan-M-150611.pdf) (45.3kb)
  Pituitary Minutes 18 May 2011 (SSG-Pit-M-180511.pdf) (36.7kb)
  Acute Oncology Induction Training (AngCN-CCG-AO3 V1.pdf) (87.7kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Bedford Hospital (AUD9_Bed.pdf) (109.5kb)
  TYA Group agenda 11 May 2012 (TYA_Agenda_110512.doc) (75kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Colchester (AUD9_Colc.pdf) (118.6kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Addenbrookes (AUD9_CUH.pdf) (144.5kb)
  Upper GI Cancer and Rehabilitation (UGI_R.ppt) (225kb)
Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Hinchingbrooke Hospital (AUD9_HHC.pdf) - This resource is currently unavailable.
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Ipswich (AUD9_Ips.pdf) (118.2kb)
  Chemo Core Education Pack Part A Core Documentation (AngCN-CCG-C11_v1_PartA.pdf) (532.6kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - James Paget Hospital (AUD9_JPH.pdf) (107.5kb)
SSG- UGI Visions 2015 (SSG-UGI-190511_visions) - This resource is currently unavailable.
  Chemo Core Education Pack Part D Accreditation Handbook (AngCN-CCG-C12_v1_PartD.pdf) (92.1kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Luton and Dunstable Hospital (AUD9_LD.pdf) (59.2kb)
  Chemo Core Education Pack Part B Work Sheets for Modules 1 to 8 (AngCN-CCG-C13_v1_PartB.pdf) (186.8kb)
  Audit report Parent Satisfaction - Lister (AUD9_List.pdf) (59.1kb)
  Chemo Core Education Pack Part C Assessments and Records of Practice (AngCN-CCG-C14_v1_PartC.pdf) (111.9kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - Norfolk and Norwich (AUD9_NNUH.pdf) (85.2kb)
  Policy for the Management of Algorithm Deviations (AngCN-CCG-C15_v1.pdf) (77.9kb)
  Audit report Parent Satisfaction - Peterborough and Stamford (AUD9_PDH.pdf) (94.2kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - QEH, Kings Lynn (AUD9_QEH.pdf) (114.9kb)
  Audit Report Parent Satisfaction - West Suffolk Hospital (AUD9_WSH.pdf) (122.1kb)
  Chemotherapy Board ToR (AngCN-CCG-C1r_v1.pdf) (88.9kb)
  Breast Cancer - Rehabilitation and Lymphoedema Services (B_R.ppt) (813kb)
  Brain and CNS cancer and rehabilitation (BCNS_R.ppt) (225.5kb)
  Brief Resume for partners and students UEA (Br_r270412.pdf) (226.8kb)
  Brain and CNS IOG Implementation Plan (SSG_BC_IOG_WDv2.doc) (283.5kb)
  BSc (Hons) Acute Care (BSc_AC.pdf) (92.3kb)
  BSc (Hons) Long Term Conditions (BSc_LTC.pdf) (83.3kb)
  BSc (Hons) Management and Leadership (BSc_M_L.pdf) (80.5kb)
  16 Nov 2011 Cancer Lead Nurses Minutes (CLN-M-161111.pdf) (34.5kb)
  BSc (Hons) Older Adult (BSc_OA.pdf) (82.4kb)
  26 Sep 2011 Cancer Lead Nurses Minutes (CLN-M-260911.pdf) (40.2kb)
  BSc (Hons) Primary and Community Care (BSc_P&C.pdf) (84.7kb)
  6 Feb 2012 Cancer Lead Nurses Minutes (CLN-M-060212.pdf) (41.6kb)
  Network Pharmacists Group ToR (AngCN-CCG-C2r_v1.pdf) (98.2kb)
  BSc (Hons) Primary Health (BSc_PH.pdf) (84.5kb)
  Cancer Research Strategy for Anglia 2010-2015 (AngCN-38v1.pdf) (640.3kb)
  AngREG Minutes 13 June 2011 (CCG-R-M-110613.pdf) (47.6kb)
  Chemo Core Education Pack Part E Competency Statement for Staff Administering Intravenous Chemotherapy (AngCN-CCG-C8_v1_PartE.pdf) (76.4kb)
  AngREG Minutes 10 October 2011 (CCG-R-M-111010.pdf) (42.9kb)
  Board minutes 06.12.2011 (CCG_RTm061211_V3.pdf) (29.1kb)
  AngREG Minutes 16 January 2012 (CCG-R-M-120116.pdf) (48.2kb)
  Rehabilitation Constitution (AngCN-CCG-PS17_v3.pdf) (88.5kb)
  CCG-RT minutes 07.06.2011 (CCG_RTm070611.pdf) (43.2kb)
  AngREG Minutes 23 April 2012 (CCG-R-M-120423.pdf) (35.9kb)
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