The Cancer Alliance Board


The East of England Cancer Alliance Board plans and leads the delivery of the transformation required to implement the Independent Cancer Taskforce Strategy locally, taking a whole-pathway and cross organisational approach.

We will reduce variation and improve patient outcomes and experience and enable access to high-quality, evidence-based interventions across whole pathways of care, for the Alliance’s whole population.

Dependent on the emergent findings from the Cancer Vanguards and from the experiences of Cancer Alliances themselves, we will take on more levers and introduce new models of working that cross organisational and geographic boundaries.

In future, this may lead to devolved responsibility for outcomes and funding of particular pathways of care to ensure that current day cancer services continue to improve for the benefit of patients.


Chair - Dr Rory Harvey


The Board meets 4 times per year, the next meeting is on Monday 16th September 2019


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Shaping excellence in cancer care - prevention and access to high quality cancer services across the East of England