Personalised Care Package (formerly known as the Recovery Package)

Providing personalised care and support

Feedback from across the region shows that many of our organisations within the east of England are implementing a more personalised approach to care (often referred to as the Recovery Package interventions). Whilst the adoption has tended to be for the more common cancers, as a Cancer Alliance we are working to ensure that all patients with cancer benefit from personalised care and support.

Interventions to personalise cancer care and support include:

  • Personalised care and support planning based on Holistic Needs Assessments (HNAs) so that individual needs and concerns can be identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity.
  • Treatment summaries that provide both the patient and their GP with valuable information and prompts for action, so that health and wellbeing can be optimised, including how to seek help if new symptoms arise.
  • Primary care cancer care reviews that are beginning to evolve into holistic reviews at time points that meet our patients’ needs, so that cancer and its consequences are increasingly managed as a long-term condition.
  • A full range of accessible support services and information provision across a local area, so that every patient knows what is available to help them reach their goals after treatment.

This important work also includes improving the provision of services to manage the consequences of treatment, which cause poor quality of life and are often under-recognised. These can often include psychological difficulties, fatigue, pain, or bowel, bladder and sexual problems.

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