Patient Centred Follow-Up (formerly known as Stratified Follow-Up)

Personalised approach to cancer follow-up

We are seeing more patients with cancer across the east of England receiving follow-up care that is personalised to their needs, with the redesign of follow-up pathways for common cancers by the east of England Cancer Alliance.

In line with NHS England’s recently published Long Term Plan, the Cancer Alliance has produced a flexible resource for ‘self-managed’ follow-up pathway for patients with early breast cancer. The regional guidance is evidence-based suggesting an approach with ongoing cancer surveillance, however fewer face-to-face appointments, with rapid access to support, advice and interventions with the most appropriate clinicians when needed.

Please click here for access to the guidance:

By March 2019 the national drive is for this approach to be established in all Trusts, and it is expected that around 70% of people being followed up for breast cancer will be ‘self-managing’. The expectation is for this redesigned follow-up pathway to also be introduced in colorectal, prostate and other cancers by 2023. 

During 201920 the east of England Cancer Alliance will be producing redesigned follow-up pathway guidance for both colorectal and prostate cancer with the vision of allowing a more sustainable use of NHS resources whilst delivering higher quality, personalised care and better experience for our patients.

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