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Transforming cancer services to deliver better outcomes for patients in the East of England

Living With and Beyond Cancer

Supporting people to live better with and beyond cancer

More people than ever are living with and beyond cancer. The Independent Cancer Taskforce called for an acceleration of the commissioning and provision of services to support people affected by cancer to live the lives they want beyond their diagnosis.

The NHS is leading the way in cancer care by recognising that quality of life outcomes are as important to people as survival. Personalising aftercare and putting patients more in control of their recovery is an important aspect of improving the patient experience.

Receiving care that is tailored to our patient’s needs can have a significant impact on their experience and quality of life. The east of England Cancer Alliance has continued to work to ensure that every patient with cancer across the region receives personalised care and support from diagnosis onwards.

The NHS Long Term Plan published in January 2019 highlights for patients living with and beyond cancer:

  • By 2021 – will have access to personalised care, including needs assessment, a care plan and health and wellbeing information and support - delivered in line with the NHS Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care https://www.england.nhs.uk/personalisedcare/comprehensive-model-of-personalised-care/
  • This will empower our patients across the east of England to manage their care and the impact of their cancer, and maximise the potential of digital and community based support.Over the next three years every patient with cancer will get a full assessment of their needs, an individual care plan and information and support for their wider health and wellbeing
  • After treatment - will move to a follow-up pathway that suits their needs to ensure they can get rapid access to clinical support.This change is to be established in all trusts for Breast cancer in 2019, for Prostate and Colorectal cancers in 2020 and for other cancers where clinically appropriate by 2023


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