Our Vision

Transforming cancer services to deliver better outcomes for patients in the East of England

Living With and Beyond Cancer

Everyone who gets cancer is an individual. The care and support they will need to live with a cancer diagnosis, in a way that makes sense for their own life, particularly after treatment has finished, will be different. 

The Independent Cancer Taskforce called for an acceleration of the commissioning and provision of services to support people affected by cancer to live the lives they want beyond their diagnosis.

We have been working closely with Macmillan Cancer Support to roll out the ‘Recovery Package’, which describes a set of actions to ensure the individual needs of all people going through cancer treatment, and beyond, are met by tailored support and services. By working through a ‘Recovery Package’, patients and clinicians assess patients’ holistic needs and plan appropriately for their care and support. It ensures that a ‘treatment summary’ is sent between a patient’s hospital and their GP, that the patient is appropriately followed up by their GP, and they can attend ‘health and wellbeing events’ for patients and carers. 

  • 2017/18 for 60% of breast & colorectal patients to have an holistic needs assessment and care plan within 31 days of diagnosis; and for
  • 2018/19 80% and 100% of eligible patients by 2020/21. 
  • 2017/18 for 40% of breast and colorectal patients and GPs to receive a treatment summary; and for 2018/19 80%.
  • 2018/19 80% of eligible breast and colorectal patients will be offered a cancer care review.
  • 2018/19 all breast and colorectal patients will have access to self-management support through a programme of health and wellbeing events.

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