Our Vision

Transforming cancer services to deliver better outcomes for patients in the East of England

Stratified Follow Up 

Everyone who gets cancer is an individual. The care and support they will need to live with a cancer diagnosis, in a way that makes sense for their own life, particularly after treatment has finished, will be different. 

Stratified follow-up pathways for patients can not only improve care for patients who have completed initial treatment, but also create more efficient pathways in the NHS that can, for example, reduce unnecessary outpatient appointments. 

We have committed over the next four years (2017 – 2021) to support the spread of these pathways throughout the NHS in the East of England and assess the role of commissioning incentives to drive implementation. 

So by

  • 2018/19 100% of eligible  breast and colorectal patients have post-care risk stratified follow up, documented and understood by patients and by 2020/21 80% of eligible lung and urology patients by 2020/21.
  • 2018/19 80% of patients aware of self management support programme and patient information available to them and how to access this.
  • 100% of patients aware of how to re-enter the system.

We will do this by transforming the way cancer care is delivered in the community (Transforming Community Cancer Care (TCCC)).

Shaping excellence in cancer care - prevention and access to high quality cancer services across the East of England