Breast Cancer Report Published

Patients, Clinicians, Charities, NHS Planners and Commissioners gave evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into geographical inequalities in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.

The foreword of the report, written by Thangam Debbonaire MP, Philippa Whitford MP and Craig Tracey MP, states -

"When compared to other cancers, breast cancer outcomes are good and improving. However, this overall progress masks stark inequalities in diagnosis, treatment and care across the country. These unwarranted variations have an unacceptable impact on the experiences and outcomes of patients.

Each of us has a close connection to breast cancer – one as a patient, one as a breast surgeon, and one who has lost a loved one to the disease. We know just how vital it is that urgent action is taken to reduce this variation and end the mixed picture for breast cancer patients in England.

The report outlines key recommendations to address these disparities. We are particularly concerned about the impact of shortages in the diagnostic workforce on patients’ diagnosis and treatment. We are also eager for new local NHS structures to grasp opportunities to use data to drive service improvements by sharing best practice with one another.

It is likely that some of the issues outlined in the report are also affecting services for other cancers. We hope that the recommendations in this report contribute to the government’s ambition to achieve world-class outcomes not just for breast cancer, but for all cancers"

Read the full report here -

A Mixed Picture - Inquiry into Breast cancer inequalities 2.pdf

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